Forget everyhing you thought y0u knew about waffles

Dakota Don’s Artisan Waffles are a truly unique spin on the classic waffle. Light and airy with a crispy outside and tender middle, these waffles are a gourmet breakfast treat you will want to shout about!  

How it all Started

Dakota Don’s Artisan Waffles elevate any gathering around food to a special event! For over 35 years, without exception, every time I served my waffles, friends, family and acquaintances would ask for my recipe or encourage me to start a restaurant. I’m not interested is running a restaurant, but I did want to share my mix. After my retirement and several notebooks full of waffle recipes, I focused on one consistently perfect mix. A year later my wife Deb retired and together we launched Dakota Don’s Artisan Waffles.

Artisan waffles clean & simple

DDAW are easy to prepare. My mix is superior to the typical cardboard-tasting boxed mixes on the market, and even the complicated waffle recipes you can make at home. A batch of Dakota Don’s Artisan Waffles takes less than five minutes and a single bowl.

Made from clean simple ingredients; just add an egg, oil, and buttermilk to my mix creates a delicious waffle–even without toppings! DDAW waffles can also be personalized to individual preferences with many gourmet sweet or savory options or the traditional butter, syrup and fruit.